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How we make our Premium Quality drinking water.

Congratulations. You may be on your way to discovering our premium quality drinking water. Our water is so pure because we process it through a multistage system that removes impurities.

Step 1. It all starts when regular tap water enters an ion exchange process that greatly reduces inorganic

Step 2. It continues through a sediment filter that traps dirt, rust, and other particles as small as 5 microns—that is about the size of a grain of flour.

Step 3. The water then flows through two activated carbon filters that “ absorb” chlorine and any chemicals or pesticides which may be in the water

Step 4. Now it travels to the heart of the system-Reverse Osmosis. Here water is forced at 200PSI through a semi permeable membrane that actually cleans it one molecule at a time leaving behind dissolved minerals metals, fluoride, micro-organisms, salts and other residues.

Step 5. From there the water is stored in a 304 stainless steel storage tank.

Step 6. To keep water sparkling clean and bacteria free, it is aerated and ozonated every 15 minutes.
Aeration puts oxygen back into the water and ozonation destroys bacteria and virus.

Step 7. When you push the button to fill your jugs, the water leaves the tank and passes through an
ultraviolet disinfection light. At this point, the ozone in the water is neutralized.

Step 8. To ensure maximum freshness, the water passes through another activated carbon filter and then into
water bottle.

Pure water is available in gallon jugs, fresh filled from our source. Pre-filled jugs are only $1.39.  These are available at all our stores. You can also bring your empties back to Puyallup’s River Road location and refill them for only .50 cents.  The River Road location also sells 3 gallon and 5 gallon refillable containers. Enjoy fresh and pure water.

These statements not evaluated by the FDA. This product not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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