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Trim N’ Kleen Kit

Get more waste out more often! This product is calming, soothing and cleansing! It is consistently one of our top sellers and it’s sure a good idea to take it after the holidays!



February Sales!

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Carditone for healthy blood pressure 30 Tabs $25.99


Solaray Magnesium Asporotate 120 Veg Cap Reg $17.99 Sale $11.99


Cardio Complete 90 Cap Reg $33.09 Sale $25.99


Osteoprime Plus 120 Tabs Reg $34.49 Sale $27.99


Optizinc 60 Cap Reg $8.99 Sale $5.99



mAgnum Liquid Silver

MAgnum. Could it be the silver bullet on this years colds and flu? Magnum works safely and effectively with your immune system for a healthier you. Silver is nature’s anti-biotic and this is A BEST SELLER!

Procana CBD

Procana Laboratories has been on the forefront of cannabinoid research and development, providing controlled dosage applications of its medicinal products.

“I’ve been a loyal YHI shopper for over 20yrs. My store is the South Hill store and I’m there monthly to grab an item or two and say hi to Robin. All the staff are great and helpful. Dane is always helpful to answer email questions and recommendations. If you need a product they don’t have, ask and it’s there in a few days!”

Kim Sawyer

“Love this store! Wouldn’t get my supplements anywhere else! And Dane King and the girls are always there for suggestions when I have questions. I’ve been able to get off a lot of my prescriptions and just use supplements now.”

Kathie Warber Lindsey

“This is the place that built me healthy! I was & am challenging, patiently they guided me to put all my broken stuff back together! Now I can give back! Folks at your You Health go above and beyond! Thanks for your many years”

Mary Stokes

“For me personally, they helped save my life. I will always be a loyal customer. Sincerely appreciate and highly recommend!”

Sarah Peebles

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Does regularity effect your day?

Does regularity effect your day?

I'll always remember my young niece leaving the bathroom after having a bowel movement. She sighed, ran the back of her hand across her forehead and said Quote: "I'm alive again!" Regularity makes a big difference in how your day goes! Doesn't it? Trim N Kleen is a...

Are you eating your greens?

Are you eating your greens?

My wife Micha combines Green Vibrance with some protein powder and frozen fruit every morning. She says she wish she had started doing this years ago! Green Vibrance is loaded with organic vegetables and herbs and it's a great source of probiotics!

B-75 Two Stage Time Release

B-75 Two Stage Time Release

Absorption is key! I had the good fortune of studying under Jim Beck, the founder of Solaray. He took me to the labs where they created this product. The B-complex vitamins for the most part are water soluble. For you and me, that means they do not stay…

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