About Us

We started helping people live healthier, happier lives over 41 years ago. Many of you first met Manley or Dane at an in home get together introducing Nature Sunshine herbs. Or maybe you attended one of our many rebound exercise demonstrations.

We believe good health includes exercise, nutritional supplements, a wise choice of foods and a good nights sleep.


Sometimes you need to cleanse your body before rebuilding it.

In the early 1980’s Manley created the Herbal Trim N Kleen Kit. The herbs in this kit help you get more waste out more often while reducing stress and cramping at the same time.

Trim N Kleen is still one of our most popular products!

Then we created Whole Body Tonic to fortify the immune system and build more  energy with less stress. Following  Whole Body Tonic came Ladies Tonic for women. These are top sellers today and we have free samples if you would like to try them.

We offer a wide variety of nutritional supplements from many quality companies and enjoy helping you help yourself live a healthier happier life.

Thank you for the opportunity!

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