Magnum 8 oz

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100% vegetarian

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MAgnum. Could it be the silver bullet on this years colds and flu?
Magnum works safely and effectively with your immune system for a healthier you. Silver is nature’s antibiotic and this is A BEST SELLER!
Patented manufacturing process
Successfully studied by medical doctors
Immune system support
Approved for purchase by US Veterans hospitals
Tested by major universities & certified independent laboratories
Safe for every day use when used as suggested

3 reviews for Magnum 8 oz

  1. Debbie Evans

    Can’t say enough about this wonderful product ~ my
    all-time favorite. For 15 years now I have not had any colds or flu. I was bothered by seasonal allergies that put me to bed with sinus infections for days at a time for many years. No more! Ask the helpful staff about using this silver.

  2. Sybille Linn

    I use this on myself and my animals. My iguana had an infection in his mouth and I applied this a few times a day and within a few days the infection was cleared up. I use it a lot in the winter time when I feel like I am getting a cold I spray it up my nose and swallow a few sips.

  3. Connie Elliott

    I would never want to be without this. It is cheap medical insurance for both you and your pets. My adult kids appreciate that I always give them some for Christmas. When colds and flu start making the rounds, my daughter always says “time to start sipping the silver”.

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