Psyllium Husk (Fiber) 240 Cap


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Psyllium Husk – How many of you have been told this, “When you are constipated you need more fiber.” Well guess what fiber does? Fiber just swells up and absorbs moisture…So if you put a lot of fiber into an already blocked colon …you are going to feel awful. You will feel swollen, poofy, gassy and even more impacted. We know there are lots of benefits of fiber just as long as the fiber keeps moving. If the fiber stops up and you feel like your getting constipated our product allows you to be able to easily stop taking the fiber capsule for a couple of days until you get things moving again. Fiber is a necessary part of good colon health, because as long as it is moving through the colon it is sweeping the colon walls to remove rubbish and helping to bind and absorb toxins to prepare them to be eliminated out of the body.


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