Whole Body Tonic 120 Caps

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Whole Body Tonic is the original adaptogenic formula!. Each herb was chosen for its unique ability to work together and have a positive effect on the entire body. We are using extracts of these herbs which makes or a very effective formula!


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Gotu Kola Improves memory, circulation and blood flow to the blood vessels and connective tissue. Not to be confused with Kola Nut. Gotu Kola does not contain caffeine

Fo Ti considered a tonic herb, used to maintain vigor, increase energy, tone the kidneys, liver and aid in purification of the blood. May help darken prematurely graying hair.

Sarsaparilla promotes good circulation, balances glandular systems and promotes natural production of hormones. Used in some cultures to treat lack of sexual desire.

Astragalus stimulates the immune system enhancing both T-Cell and natural Killer Cell activity.

Dandelion the bitter properties in dandelion increases bile production and bile flow in the liver, thus flushing more toxins into the stool to be eliminated by the body.

Schizandra Berries increases the production of enzymes in the liver and organs of digestion. Also exhibits a calming effect on the central nervous system.  Especially good for supporting cardiovascular system and improving recovery time after physical activity.

Alfalfa promotes normal blood clotting. Aids in digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Alfalfa aids in alkalizing the blood stream thus aiding in reduction of inflammation. Also known to supply a very wide range of minerals and trace elements and amino acids.

Kelp contains sodium alginate, which is used to treat heavy metal toxicity. Kelp is rich in naturally occurring iodine, protein, essential fatty acids, fiber, sodium, potassium and is a source of vitamin B-12 naturally.

Passion Flower relieves muscle tension and reduces anxiety. Especially good for nervous insomnia. Contains Chrysin, a naturally occurring antioxidant that relaxes the lining of arterial walls, helping with the reduction of blood pressure.

Cayenne natural anti- inflammatory for pain reduction. Can ease aspirin induced upset stomach, reduce occurrence  of ulcers, improve circulation (warm up cold hands and feet). Cayenne has also been reported to have effect on lowering blood pressure.

Fennel a useful herb for digestion, reducing bloat and gas.


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