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We now carry Procana CBD. Multiple capsule strengths and liquids to choose from.

We also have Procana’s Vet formula for your dog. I give it to Touki to calm him down on the 4th of July!

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Does regularity effect your day?

I'll always remember my young niece leaving the bathroom after having a bowel movement. She sighed, ran the back of her hand across her forehead and said Quote: "I'm alive again!" Regularity makes a big difference in how your day goes! Doesn't it? Trim N Kleen is a...

Are you eating your greens?

My wife Micha combines Green Vibrance with some protein powder and frozen fruit every morning. She says she wish she had started doing this years ago! Green Vibrance is loaded with organic vegetables and herbs and it's a great source of probiotics!

B-75 Two Stage Time Release

Absorption is key! I had the good fortune of studying under Jim Beck, the founder of Solaray. He took me to the labs where they created this product. The B-complex vitamins for the most part are water soluble. For you and me, that means they do not stay in our bodies...

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